I have called Barbara for the complete renewal of my tiny bathroom with sloping ceiling which I can perfectly use today. I did appreciate her professionalism, availability, listening, advices, efficiency and undeniable artistic skills. I was happy she accepted to assist me again in the renovation of my courtyard.

Christelle Grangeneuve

Mathematic professor - Tours

The decorator came to my place and analysed my needs which she converted into visual proposals. She developed great imagination and creativity so as to seperate personal from professional while receiving my clients. She is really passionated and she has a strong custumer service feeling.

Leila Amiot

Personal development coach - Tours

I have called Barbara Chabbal for both my kitchen and bathroom renovation projects. I was extrememely satisfied with her work, advices and professionalism. She 's got very good taste and she helped me a lot while selecting my colors and materials. I am very satisfied with the restults. I do strongly recommand.

Jennifer Yazbeck

Real Estate agent - Fondettes

We have called Barbara Chabbal in order to assist and guide us for our living room layout. She is responsive and professional. Thank you Barbara.

Sandrine Thibaudeau

Manager assistant - Tours

I do recommand for any decoration project. The project comprises several steps to achieve its final completion : inspiration pictures, 3D modelling, estimate proposals with craftsmen. We are very satisfied with the work done.

Abdelilah Jazouli

IT manager - Langeais

The decorator was a good listener of our needs. She knew perfectly how to provide us with the best advices.

Brigitte Fresneau

Retired - Amboise

I do recommand Ms Chabbal because her services are hight qualified and professional. She was able to understand my needs and provided very good advices. She expressed model bravery while supervising works. She was a great assistant to the project completion.

Nathalie Fournier Bordeau

Engineer - Tours

We are very happy with Barbara Chabbal's personal coaching assistance. She is a good listener, she is professional and she is available. She brought a very interesting perspective in order to sublimate our house extension and to gorgeously create harmony betwenn ancient and recent buildings. She also knows how to deal with the house history and the site energy. I do strongly recommend !

Cécile Mérigard



Our values


Our work ethics are based on full respect of other people and the environment. We are working in accordance with the surroundings, focusing on natural and non polluting materials, short cycle processes and local know how.


Our working methods are based on kindness understanding. During all the project development, our part is to appreciate anyone's difficulties or constraints in order to offer appropriate adjustments without forgetting prior goals.


Rigour will lead the entire project development process. Ideas and inspirations would be systematically notified and documented. Plans would be validated and updated after each project step.


Our approach is based on creative inspirations. All our senses are mobilized during the project conception period, which makes it an unique and genuine design work.


Sincerity and genuineness in words and acts would ensure project viability and security. Sincerity helps prevent misunderstanding and allows to serenely and efficiently move to project completion.


Harmony constitutes our ultimate value. Its works both as a guide and a goal. Seeking harmony would be everywhere during project design and completion steps.

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